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California Freethought Day

Sponsors and Donors

The following details are still being updated from our prior year.

Want to help make Freethought Day even better? Support us! Individuals and organizations can sponsor Freethought Day and be recognized for it. Find out more.

Platinum Sponsors ($2,500+)

Because of our twentieth anniversary, an extremely generous supporter has donated $10,000 to California Freethought Day which has allowed us to make this year even more special. They wish to remain anonymous.

Gold Sponsors ($1,000+)

Applied Office On-Site Computer Training

Applied OfficeApplied Office is a California business (based in Lodi, California) with over 20 years of experience providing training on Microsoft software.

Applied Office is owned by David Diskin, a certified Microsoft Office "Master", and can help your business or government agency by providing instructor-led, on-site training on the applications that you use every day including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Project, and more.

American Atheists

American AtheistsAmerican Atheists is dedicated to advancing the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of religion from government, and providing information about atheism. Over the last fifty years, American Atheists has fought to defend the separation of religion from government with legal actions, lobbying the federal and state government, and engaging in protests and other public actions to ensure that the rights of atheists are protected.

Individual Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors ($500+)

American Humanist Association

Atheists and Other Freethinkers

Atheists and Other Freethinkers

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Bronze Sponsors ($250+)

Black Nonbelievers

Black Nonbelievers

Military Association
of Atheists and Freethinkers

Black Humanists and Non-Believers of Sacramento 

Black Humanists and
Non-Believers of Sacramento

Center for Inquiry

Center for Inquiry

 Reason Center

Reason Center

Secular Coalition for America

Secular Coalition for America


Wayne Orgar

Mynga Futrell

Entry Level Sponsors ($150+)

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Greater Sacramento Chapter


Joe Morrow

Rozlynn and Russell Worrall

David Noelle

Michelle Baer

Michael Newdow

Steve Campbell

Jerry Cummings

Mashariki Lawson-Cook

Freethought Society

Advocates and Supporters

Champions ($135+)

  • Sarah Tygert
  • Judith Banister
  • Christopher Wojno
  • Nick Gray
  • Betsy Kerr
  • Chris Cook
  • Bill Danenhower
  • Nancy Sneed
  • David Lopez
  • Susan Fink

Advocates ($75+)

  • Wendy Ikelman
  • Marie Bain
  • Mary Holden
  • Stephen Brandenburger
  • Benjamin Wade
  • Susan Fink
  • Seneca Spurling
  • Laurie Brown
  • Andy Abbott
  • Arlene Ríos
  • Becky Mark
  • Christine Jones
  • Kimya Lambert
  • Will Scharff

Volunteers and Supporters ($25+)

Angela Garvie Jane Lack Carol Velarde
Anonymous Bill Horn Randy Hicks
Ron Selge Joan Cichon Steven Goins
Stan Deutsch Erin Montana Kuang Jen
David Hebert Wayne Luney Linda Fox
Beverly Miller Jeromy Miller Eileen Ferber
Jon Alexandr Karen Orcutt Jane Russell
Susan Heffington Michael Charboneau Bakari Chavanu
Gabriel Gonatice Gustavo Wong Carlin Byrne
Sean Rubenstein Ward Laila Santos Ellen Schwartz
Brett and Christie Westover Gerald Bachman Akiko Abe
Diane Hart Ronald Hochsprung Linda Hsu
Virginia McCormick Dave Rice Daniel Graves
Mohanad Aljammas Jody Craig Steven Roberson
Tonei Glavinic Kimo Crossman Ross Blocher
Mark Giordano Lindsey Osterman Ryan Drew
Leonard Tramiel John Ragland Richard Cook
Benjamin Tuason    

In-Kind Support

For their in-kind support of Freethought Day, we would like to especially thank: