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California Freethought Day

Secular Advocacy Day

Secular Talking Points:

  • Contraceptive Access
  • Healthcare Transparency

See below for bill details.


We'll gather online on Monday from 9 AM - Noon to make a difference in our state and local government. Sign up for this special event and help us change the face of politics.

Be a part of Secular Advocacy Day and make your voice heard!


Your $10 registration (free for students) helps us with the day's planning and facilitation, including expert guidance from Secular Strategies.

You must register in advance so that we can capture your address which will allow us to connect you to your elected officials..

Registration closes early, so please register soon.


This year's Secular Advocacy Day will occur online, and be compatible with your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. We suggest you attend from somewhere comfortable and quiet.

Links to join will be sent to all registered guests in advance.


After joining the online meeting, the day will start with a little training. You don't have to be a seasoned lobbyist or even have the slightest notion about politics. When we're done, you'll know exactly what to say.

Later that morning you and others from your district will be directly connected with your elected officials (or a staff member from their office) for a short meeting to express your views.

Following your meeting, you can return to our virtual lobby to mingle with the others.

Advocating for Contraception Equity and Healthcare Transparency

In support of contraceptive equity and healthcare transparency, we’re arranging meetings with your elected state officials on the morning of Monday, October 11. We are promoting two bills:

SB523 aims to provide birth control options and contraceptive benefits to state employees and UC students. It also provides no-cost birth control to Californians who were denied coverage by their religiously-affiliated employer.

The CHTA, written by our sponsor American Atheists, would require health care systems in California that deny care on the basis of religion to be transparent with patients and the public about their policies.

You can see why we’re interested in these bills and excited to connect you with your state lawmakers.

Sponsored by American Atheists

American AtheistsAmerican Atheists is dedicated to advancing the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of religion from government, and providing information about atheism. Over the last fifty years, American Atheists has fought to defend the separation of religion from government with legal actions, lobbying the federal and state government, and engaging in protests and other public actions to ensure that the rights of atheists are protected.


Sarah Levin Louie Campos

Sarah Levin

Evan Clark

Louie Campos

Sarah Levin is the founder of Secular Strategies, a consulting firm that is pioneering the mobilization of secularist voters and empowering policymakers, lawmakers, and change-makers to be effective champions of secularism in the United States.

Sarah has worked for the Secular Coalition for America, facilitated the first Secular Caucus in the Texas Democratic Party, and represents the secular community as a Co-Chair on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Interfaith Council.

Evan Clark is a humanist entrepreneur, political consultant, and public speaker with over 12 years of experience tinkering with secular communities. Evan is also the founder and creative director at Spectrum Experience LLC and serves as Board Chair for the Secular Student Alliance.

Previously he was co-host of the Humanist Experience podcast and co-founder of the Humanist Community of Ventura County. As a student leader, Evan was the founder and president of the Secular Student Alliance at California Lutheran University (CLU). In 2010, Evan was also elected CLU’s first openly atheist student body president.

Louie Campos started his work in politics as a union job steward, now with nearly twenty years of grassroots experience and as a consultant to candidates. From canvassing to lobbying, Louie has taken the role of field coordinator, campaign manager, precinct operations director, and even a candidate for US Congress in 2016.